Introducing the Reclinamat

Sleeping Device

In 30 degrees incline the Reclina Mat helps in cases of sleep apnea, emphysema, COPD, and acid reflux.

Reclining Device

In 60 degrees incline the Reclina Mat supports your neck and back giving you maximum comfort.

Sitting Device

in 90 degrees vertical position the Reclina Mat provides maximum support during sitting.

It helps your circulation, especially in cases of leg swelling and heart failure.

It improves circulation of the lower legs.

It assists the caregiver with bathing and feeding.

The Reclina Mat helps with arthritis, back pain and neck pain.

The Reclina Mat supports your aching knees and relieves arthritis pain.

The Reclina Mat helps with wound care and prevents bed sores.

Dr. Mostafa Sheta

Dr. Mostafa Sheta is the inventor of the Reclina Mat. His special interest is weight loss. The Reclina Mat is designed for your comfort while enjoying your favorite show on TV or reading a book or magazine.

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