Love Mat

Love Mat

Missionary Position

In the missionary position the female hips will be elevated 9 inches from the Love mat allowing perfect alignment of the penis, clitoris and G-point for intense orgasm.

Doggy Position

In the doggy position the Love Mat intensifies pleasure by having complete access to the female genital from the back reaching the G-point every time.

Side Position

The Love Mat is perfect for side positions as it lifts the hips 9 inches and makes it very comfortable for the penis to have direct access to the partner’s genital area.

Even for overweight and less flexible females the Love Mat will support the back and hips and help with perfect contact of the genital organs for both partners.

For overweight females the Love Mat provides pelvic support and elevation of the hips in the doggy position and allows perfect space for the breast and comfortable breathing.

Overweight females can finally enjoy this side position as their hip will be supported and elevated in perfect alignment of the genital organs of both partners.

Dr. Mostafa Sheta

Dr. Mostafa Sheta is the inventor of the Love Mat. The Love Mat is designed for your comfort while enjoying great lovemaking with your partner.

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